Like many of you, I have always been fascinated by mythical and fantastic creatures. Some of them are bright and beautiful, others dark and terrifying. The unicorn represents purity, the werewolf bestiality and the vampire is often used to create the literary construct of man pitted against his own evil nature. Among other things.

          There are some people who believe in the existance of mythological creatures. There are some people who claim to be werewolves or witches, or to have supernatural powers. My personal beliefs lie counter to theirs, so although I would certainly never deny them the freedom to choose what path to follow, I have no wish to be mistakenly identified among their numbers. I am a Christian, and my fascination with vampires and unicorns is from a fictional perspective only.




          Dragon Fiction
            A fiction archive for dragon stories from
          The Main Gate: Dragon's Realm
          Jade's Dragon related sites
          Drakaina's Home Page
            The Dragon's Lair.
          Dragon Lady's World
            Poetry, pictures, links.




          Neysa's Unicorn Picture Page
            A very lovely collection of unicorn pictures, some are created art, others are pictures of unicorn figures and items Neysa has in her possession.
          The Unicorn Hunt
            Unicorn images, the Last Unicorn, some lyrics.
          Land of the Unicorns
            Like a web ring, featuring unicorns and pegasi.
          The Mystic Cavern
            Averyl's unicorn web page.
          Unicorn Dream
            Matthew Webber's unicorn page.
          Geoff's Unicorn Page
            Links and site news, art and several web ring links.
          Life's Great Mysteries
            Some pictures and poems about unicorns.
          Kiwi Red's Page
            Links to her poetry and unicorns.
          The Unicorn Web Page
            Features unicorns in art, categories change every month or two.
          C.K.V.'s Unicorn Page
            Studies various types of unicorns, including the Chinese Ki'lin, the Japanese Ki'rin and the Indian Yale.
          Chrissy's Unicorn Web Page
            Some lovely pictures, but very slow loading.
          The Unicorn Tapestries
            A set of pictures of old tapestries, courtesy of Colleen McClure.
          LLFW: Unicorn Page
            Some links and a rather interesting page background.




          Vampire Books
            A list of vampiric fiction, some with short summaries.
          The Vampire's Vault
            Beverly Richardson's vampire page, with general vampire info, some lectures she has done, book reviews.
          The Vampire-Pages of Labich
            An article, poetry, stories, links, gallery and webrings.
          The Countess' Darker Side
            Thoughts on vampires, werewolves, witches, fairies and the like.
          Vampire Junction
            Stories, poetry, articles, links to vampiric things.
          The Whisper Wars
            Site for a vampiric LARP, has links to vampires on TV, vampire art, lots of other vampire links.
          U.S. Vampire WWW Archive
            Links to many vampiric sites.
          Kitten's Korner: Vampires
            Poetry, short stories and vampiric links.
          Theatre Des Vampires
            Vampiric links; book reviews, chat, poetry, original fiction, goth.
          H. Warren's Vampiric Links
            Just a page of vampiric links.
          Lynn's Vampire Page
            Vampiric Tendencies
              Links to vampiric sites.
            More Vampiric Links
              Fan-fiction, reference, comics and search engines.
            Anduril's Lair: Vampiric Tendencies
              Links to vampiric sites. Member of the Ring of Vampires.
            The vampire Pages
              Original fiction and some other links.
            Vampire Page Links
              A page of vampire links.
            Transylvanian Society of Dracula - Canadian Chapter
              Home Page for the society. Has membership information, FAQ, some home pages and links.
            Vampire Princess Miyu
              Web Site featuring the anime series Vampire Princess Miyu. Member of the Vampire Princess Miyu site ring, and the Dark Side of Anime site ring.
            Porphyria Page
              Porphyria is the very rare disease that some think may have caused or contributed to the vampire legend.
            World of Darkness
              Links to many White Wolf oriented sites.
            Dark Side of the Web
              An extremely comprehensive list of Dark resources. It's hard to say exactly what that means, but it includes all the horror, monster, occult and paranormal books, movies and entertainment. Fan fiction, role-playing, comics, webrings, chats, zines, literature and much more.
            Vampirish Passions
              Links to vampire fiction, fantasy and information on the web. Stories, poetry, research, articles and other vampirical sites.
            Morticia's Morgue
              Vampires & Gothic links.
            Vamps: Cultural References
              Links to vampiric sites.




            Call of the Wild
              A wolf page with many lovely pictures.
            The Werebeasts' ring
              List of links to sites on the Werebeasts' webring.
            Transformation Ring
              List of sites with stories about transformations.
            Benjamen Freeman's Home Page
              Some links to pages, member of Web Ring of Darkness, pro-White Wolf (gaming) site.
            Garou, The MUSH
              Home page for the GarouMUSH game.
            Web of Darkness central link
              List of links to Web of Darkness sites. Lots of werewolf and vampire LARP sites, very White Wolf oriented.
            Black Dogs and Werewolves
              An interesting site with several legends from SE England.
            John Sutton's wolf links
              Many links to wolf, werewolf and "furry" sites.



            Miscellaneous and Mixed

            Yahoo's list of Fabulous Creatures
              Currently includes Bigfoot, centaurs, dragons, faeries, ghosts, griffons, the Jersey Devil, the Loch Ness monster, mermaids, unicorns, vampires, werewolves and zombies.
            Legendary Animals
              Links to dragon, gargoyle, gryphon, merfolk, unicorn and phoenix sites.
            Windstone Dragons
              I bought one of these dragons for my husband many years ago. The rather poor quality pictures on this page don't do it justice at all. The Windstone dragons and other figurines are incredibly likelife and beautiful. A little spendy, but well worth the price (I paid about $150 for a "mother dragon" which sells here for $76). The winged "flap cats" are really beautiful as well.



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